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CPA Detective combined 7 years of extensive R&D and 2 years of field tested experience to create the first real-time fraud mitigation solution specifically designed for the performance marketing industry. Designed to intelligently unmask fraudulent behavior and empower companies to proactively eliminate fraud from their campaigns, CPA Detective saves businesses millions in advertising dollars to empower growth and new business development.

Our client portfolio includes public companies, the largest affiliate networks, online merchants, and top advertisers & marketing agencies.

The CPA Detective proprietary technology and sophisticated algorithms allow us to accurately pinpoint fraudulent activity and non-compliant traffic sources without the need to manually verify lead quality. We are committed to continuously improving our technology to provide clients with the most complete and up to date fraud tracking and compliance solutions available.


David Sendroff is a technologist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the computer hardware, software, and network administration systems field. Prior to founding CPA Detective, he was the first employee and CIO of Spire Vision, a leader in the performance marketing space, which was later acquired by Caivis Acquisition and merged into XL Marketing. In his previous role he became CIO at Spire Vision by earning a reputation for consistently innovating technical solutions to complex problems, driving company growth. While at Spire Vision, he invented a unique method to unmask fraud. These insights became the basis for some of the core proprietary methodology of CPA Detective today. Because of his expertise with combating fraud, David was invited to serve on fraud task forces for both the Performance Marketing Association and the Online Lenders Alliance. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. David holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Maryland. Mr. Sendroff is intensely focused on continuously innovating, serving customers needs, and his passion to support a new standard of practice for the affiliate and performance marketing industry.


Matthew Ferrante is a co-founder of Aurora Information Security & Risk™, where he leads its North American operations and heads Aurora CFI/e-Discovery™. Prior to Aurora, Matthew was with Barclays Bank in London, where he founded Barclays CFI/e-Discovery and was its first director. Before Barclays, Matthew was a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. He has served on President Clinton's protection detail, US Critical Infrastructure, and several successful high profile, high-tech investigation operations. Matthew has an extensive background in physical and network infrastructure protection, with specialties in global enterprise class environments, protective intelligence, threat assessments, international organized crime, e-crime, forensics, breach investigations, extreme hacking, data leakage, fraud, employee misconduct, cyber stalking, and asset identification. He has successfully testified in US Federal Courts and is considered by federal districts as an expert in his field. Matthew was educated at the United States Secret Service Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program, and Mercy College for Criminal Justice.

Brandon Phillips is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LashBack, the first email compliance solution for the online marketing industry. Prior to founding LashBack in 2003, Brandon formed the online advertising firm, Rdestiny. The challenges Mr. Phillips faced as an online advertiser as well as the emergence of new regulations including the CAN-SPAM Act created an opportunity to build new technologies that allow online marketers to monitor and enforce compliance among their third party partners and affiliates. Today LashBack patented unsubscribe technologies are used by Advertisers, Networks, Agencies and governments alike. Mr. Phillips is a recognized expert on email security and how it affects business and consumers, and he continues to provide support, guidance, and capital to aggressive technology startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.