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What is Affiliate Fraud?

CPA Fraud is the act of simulating legitimate campaign traffic or using deceptive lead generation practices with the knowledge that the leads were generated outside of the agreed upon terms.

Although fraudsters use a variety of tactics to submit leads, fraudulent activity can fall into a number of categories:

  • Form-Filled Leads - Leads submitted with real user information which compromises data validation systems and call center verification. Fraudsters are often form filling leads that are irrelevant or have been recycled from other campaigns
  • Spoofed Traffic - Traffic in which the location and header information was manipulated in order to form-fill leads that appear to be coming from numerous visitors.
  • Unauthorized Sources - Traffic generated with the knowledge that it was outside of the agreed upon terms set by the advertiser.
  • Incentivized Traffic - Traffic driven to a campaign where incentives were offered in exchange for a user's information.
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