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Solutions For Lead Buyers

Your missing piece for higher lead quality.

the problem

Fraudulent leads take longer to verify and have been linked with at least 2 times the number of "do not call requests" and 7 times fewer conversions when compared to regular traffic. Lower contact rates and fewer successes per dial decrease the efficiency of call centers and waste resources that could be allocated to higher quality data.

how can we help?

CPA Detective for lead buyers & call centers assigns a score to each lead by evaluating the data characteristics against our real-time Fraud Intelligence Database. This allows us to accurately predict the outcome of a call based on suspicious activity seen among our network of clients.

Call centers using our service experience a 10-20% increase in the success-per-dial due to improved efficiency.

In addition, CPA Detective stands a step ahead of data validation services because it allows lead buyers and call centers to identify fraudulent traffic based on a multi-dimensional set of characteristics related to the data source.

what are the benefits for your business?

  • Increase contact rates and successes per dial
  • Detect fraudulently submitted data from low-quality sources
  • Make smarter data buying decisions

Eliminate Fraud. Maximize Profit.

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