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the problem

Networks face the risk of the advertiser's monthly scrubs and chargebacks after payments for fraudulent leads have been sent to their affiliate partners. This often results in significant financial loss. In addition, longer term risks such as loss of allocation, lower pricing and loss of the advertiser all pose a threat to the profitability of the entire business.

how can we help?

CPA Detective empowers a network's compliance team and management with a powerful tool to verify the lead quality from all traffic sources in real-time and quickly identify and shut down fraudulent affiliates before they emerge on the advertiser's radar.

Fraud detection allows networks to quickly discover who their best publishers are and provide better payment terms and more competitive payouts without the risk of chargebacks.

what are the benefits for your business?

  • Confidently scale network offers without putting
    profitability and reputation at stake
  • Higher allocations with advertisers and lead buyers
  • Competitive payouts to affiliate partners
  • Strengthened relationships with clients

Eliminate Fraud. Maximize Profit.

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