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Accurate information in milliseconds.

CPA Detective offers the latest fraud detection technology solutions specifically designed for online advertisers and marketing companies.

  • Proxy Unmasking

    Uncover IP addresses used to hide the true geolocation. Our Proxy Unmasking technology and global Fraud Intelligence Database allow us to uncover private proxies, compromised computers and botnets commonly used by fraudsters to form-fill lead data, register for a service or perform illegitimate transactions.
  • Fraud Intelligence Database

    Tap into a global forensic intelligence knowledge base to uncover high-risk activity by IPs and device characteristics captured by CPA Detective. Our real-time forensic intelligence allows clients to identify a large variety of threats ranging from private proxies and compromised machines to repeat transactions from the same high-risk digital persona.
  • Forensic Pattern Matching

    Identify high risk patterns through a hybrid protection model. CPA Detective fraud detection experts examine the latest trends in fraudulent behavior and translate them into strategies and models for real time fraud protection.
  • Device Manipulation Recognition

    Recognize Operating System and Browser manipulation, often used by fraudsters to spoof their true identity and simulate real visitor traffic.