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Hear it from our clients.

CPA Detective provides online businesses with the latest fraud detection technologies to eliminate online fraud and maximize ROI. Here is what some of our clients are saying.

CPA Detective allows us to pinpoint the sources of fraudulent traffic and to work with our partners to eliminate them, allowing us to focus our resources on driving high volumes of quality leads.

- Bill Daniel, CEO, All Web Leads

The CPA Detective team has built the most comprehensive solution for identifying online fraud in the performance marketing space and we are excited about our deeper integration.

- Jeff McCollum, President, Cake

In our head-to-head comparisons, CPA Detective caught 75% more fraud than the other solutions.

- Steve Howe, CEO, Convert2Media

CPA Detective has been an incredible investment for Not only is the software amazing, but the support we have received from an operational perspective has been nothing short of excellent. I'm impressed!

- Michelle Lenich, VP,

CPA Detective's predictive scoring allows us to increase our efficiency and ROI by not paying for fraudulent leads or wasting our call center resources on low quality data.

- Michael Rowell, CEO, Efinancial

I have to say, I love this product!

- Arthur Lee, Head of Digital Marketing, GreenDot

CPA Detective is a great tool because it provides us with immediate insight into questionable traffic sources. Catching fraud after the fact might allow for financial remedies, but the damage to a client's reputation may have already been done.

- Michael Jacobs, CSO, iMarketing LTD.

We have chosen to partner with CPA Detective because they provide the most advanced technology, which offers the highest detection rates in the industry and a great support team.

- Per Pettersen, CEO, Impact Radius

We implemented CPA Detective on all of our proprietary campaigns and are rolling it out as a value added service to all of our clients. It's a great service to detect early warning signs of fraudulent traffic – pretty much the Norton AntiVirus™ of lead generation!

- Peter Klein, SVP, MediaWhiz

CPA Detective has decreased the amount of man hours we spend searching for and managing fraud from 10-20 hours per month to 2-3. We've found that the number of fraudulent affiliates picking up our offer every month has decreased significantly since installing CPA Detective. The word must be out in the fraudster community that we're no longer an easy target, all thanks to CPA Detective.

- Don Golden, President, Precision Sample, LLC